A Gallery of Lilli's Fine Friends

Heather K.!

8th Grade Graduation, Summit Middle School
From Left: Nichole B., Sharon, Lilli, Eve, Morgan

Lilli & Eve

Heather M.!

The moon shines on your warm body.
Your soul rises and you're motionless.
Your physique is just as beautiful as it always has been.
I know you are gone.
But I cannot accept that fact,
It's too hard...it's too scary.
-- Heather M.

Three Pictures of Remmy:




Berthoud Falls, Colorado, at Oma & Opa's cabin,
gathered for Lyle and Angie's Wedding:
Lilli, Grandmother Nancy, and Uncle Lyle

Inside the Berthoud Falls cabin:
Lilli! Taz! Lilli & Taz! LilliTazLilliTaz....


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