...The Friends in Summit County, Colorado

Take Me With You
By Mark R.

We looked to the stars
We looked to the sky.
In your face I could see
The stars of all those beautiful years.

I felt your touch
I felt your kiss.
In those precious moments
The world seemed so unimaginable.

I pledged my love
As did you.
The heartfelt feeling
Made you more stunning than the heavens.

You went away
So very far away.
The angels cried
As we would be together no more.

Yet love holds no bounds
As I came for you again.
Our last moments
The most memorable that I will cherish.

Then that one day
I called to hear your voice.
Never could I feel
The gripping pain of a thousand shocks.

How menacing is that beast
That took you away.
If only I could
I would defy the stars just for you.

Why did you leave?
Why did it have to be you?
If only I could
I would trade my life for yours.

Such a horrible world
That we live in today.
Yet I still have one wish
If love is dear and the stars true.

Take me with you.

Mark's Elegy For Lilli
Read at Lilli's funeral service, November 16, 1999
Dillon Community Church, Dillon, Colorado

In every person's life, if even for a moment, they meet someone who will shine with happiness and love. This person can turn dark skies to bright rays of light. They have the power to turn the coldest, saddest heart into one filled with warmth and joy. Every one of us has felt that power. Lilli was a beautiful young girl filled with love and she never hesitated to share it. She has had a profound effect on each of our lives. Even with her unexpected passing, we can still hear her voice comforting us in this time of sadness. In her eyes, her voice and her touch one could experience a feeling of deep affection toward others and a great love of friends, family and life. So, let us not mourn for her, let us rejoice in the memories that we share of her. Lets remember her laugh, her smile and her companionship. Lets remember how she could turn any bad day into a happy one. As ridiculous as it was, let us remember her desire to replace the sun with a giant ligthtbulb. But, most importantly, lets remember Lilli as she still is. A gentle, caring, warm and loving person.


I look again upon that time,
when all the answers will be mine.
I look again upon that day,
our souls will run and laugh and play.
I look again upon that place,
when I will see your smiling face.
Until that time until that day,
I will not throw my life away.
But secretly I long to see,
our souls as one our souls set free.

Looking for Lilli...

You'll find her in the rustling leaves,
you'll find her in a smile.

You'll find her in a summer breeze,
but only for a while.

The moment comes and she is gone,
like falling stars in flight.

You sense her here and then beyond,
the beauty of her light.

Will never truly disappear,
but still you feel the pain.

You'll find her in the softest tear,
and in the fresh spring rain.

It isn't fair and yet you know,
the greatest loves must part.

And when you're at your lowest low,
you'll find her in your heart.

Rachel's game-room is a fun haven
on blustery winter days.
For example:
Heather and Lilli compare techniques during Shark Fest.

Lilli grins as Allyssa discovers
The Thing beneath the table

The High Country Lodge,
maintained with love by the Bostics,
Roger, Dianne, Mandy, Nicky,
was a great hang-out place.
Slumber parties & great times happened here...
the place itself was a Summit County Friend.

Heather and Lilli share Christmas joy

Craig & Matt:
Smooth fall in the Frisco Mall

Font of Wisdom

Christmas R.
Terrific Friend and source of many pictures!

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Brittany, Anja, Asjhley, Taryn, Jen, & others...
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Thanks to Judy Ebbe for designing Lilli Pierce name-plate.