9/1/97, at Colorado Gators
(world's highest alligator farm, near Alamosa, CO),
Lilli groks Kahn, a Burmese Python

"Go body-surf, Dad...gotta blow this thing up...
I'll be with you in three or four weeks."

A hug from Br'er Bear! (And cameo of Dad)

Mapping the corridors of Lake Powell, Utah....

Doing chores with Melissa and Heather
(Heather's dad thinks they're stacking firewood)

In front of the Gore Range, Silverthorne, Colorado:
Lilli, starring in Sergio Leone's latest western,
"For A Few Snowflakes More"

Just a 7th grader and already into stocks!
Allison H., Heather K., and Terri S. teach Lilli
the meaning of "insider information."

Relaxing after doing "the chores."


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