Silverthorne, Colorado
At ease in the mobile home kitchen...
...sweet girl!

Elegy to Lilli

Lilli, oh Lilli, pal of mine,
how I miss you!
Good is how you made me feel whenever I was blue
and hope is what your sunsmile gave me.
Shine is the ray you brought to many lives...
Special girl! I respect you. I'm proud of you.
Hope and love exist wherever you are....
You live in my heart!

-- Your Mom

Lilli, Mom, and Uncle Matt near the Utah/Arizona borde

Lilli and Dad in a park in N. Austin

April, 1990, East Texas,
Davy Crockett National Forest:
Lilli and Chris negotiate the Big Thicket


I hear your name;
It makes me cry.
I see your name it's not the same
I don't see you.
You are not there...maybe never were.
What makes a name?
I hear you
I miss you
I can't see you.
Where did you go?
I hear you laugh you must be near,
Smile, glare, I see your eye; I'm almost there.
I can see you
I can touch you
Just let go of the world behind.
I'll be free
To be with my love;
As we know as Lilli

- Ashley St. -

Lilli enjoys a home-cooked meal
at the old Fenske place, Elgin, Texas

August, 1994:
Enthroned by myrtle wood boughs
at a roadside park in coastal Oregon,
Princess Lilli looks down on her minions.

Poem for Lilli
By Tasha N.

Mommy don't be sad.
Mommy all the things you taught me about crossing the street I followed.
Mommy I looked both ways.
There weren't any cars coming when I crossed the street mommy.
Mommy I'm hurting.
Mommy stop the pain.
Mommy I don't know where the car came from.
Mommy why did this have to happen to me?
Mommy I'm only 14.
Mommy I have the rest of my life that I haven't lived yet.
Mommy tell all my friends not to be sad.
Mommy tell them that I'll always be there.

Lee G., Lilli's Fine Friend.


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