Lilli Pierce, 7 months, Durango, Colorado
Happy even while dressed in boy-blue.

Hanging with
Uncle Lyle Phetteplace,
Frisco, CO

Opa, Lilli, Oma

On the swings at Zilker Park

So beautiful. So fair.
So young, without a care.

So much to look forward to
and so much she'd yet to do.

So many sad faces;
Kleenex by the cases.

She was loved so much
and yet nevermore will we feel her touch.

We won't see her delicate smile;
Some are in denial.
No one wants to believe
that she had to leave.

We sit in a room
and wish to see her soon

While we mourn and cry --
no more to see the sparkle in her eye.

Never again will we hear her laugh
but we'll cry enough to fill a bath.

If we all just keep her in our heart,
none of us should ever part.
-- Love always, Brandy W.

Lilli, skating at Keystone Pond
"Dad, don't tell me your feet are still cold."

Taryn P., November 13, 1999

We thought we had forever,
But forever ended in one day,
It seems you've gone and left us,
But you really aren't that far away

You're in our minds,
And in our hearts,
And that is where you'll stay,
Oh if only forever hadn't of ended,
In a single day

I'll always remember our inside jokes,
How we laughed until we cried,
Now we cry for a different reason,
Yesterday you died

Your body may not be here,
But your soul always will,
Waiting to help us,
Climb up life's strange hill

And when that hill does end for us,
We will have no fear,
Because we know we will meet an angel,
And have all sorts of cheer

But now you're gone and resting,
Waiting for the day,
We will all be together,
To share another day

Lilli looks on the salty sea
from the coral reef of Siesta Key


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Text and photos Copyright 2001, 2009 by David D. Pierce, Jr.
Thanks to Judy Ebbe for designing Lilli Pierce name-plate.