Lilli, Summer of '88

Lilli, 1986, Denver
Guarding Opa's roses:
"Just try to get past me!"

Zilker Park, Austin Texas, late '80s
At Barton Springs Overflow:
"Ducks are too cool!"

"Hold on, Mom, I can't leave yet --
gotta show these guys how to drive."

"The sun is pretty nice."

Examples of that Lilli look

Missing You

We shared so much in common
We laughed so many laughs
We cried so many cries
But now it is different
For I am doing them without you here

I think of you always,
And remember the good times we shared,
And try to look ahead
But I am stuck in the past
People are pulling me forward
But I can't right now
Not when I keep thinking of you
For I hope you know how much I care for you

I will love you always and forever
For you were and always will be my best friend
But I can only write so many of these
Before I know that I must go
But going is not forgetting
It is just living the next day
For I wish you could be here everyday
But I know you are gone
Because I know what I saw,
And it wasn't you
It was only your body
Not your spirit
I know that you have gone to heaven
But it was so hard
Not seeing you respond
But I know that your spirit is in me and all around me.
I can only now live the time that I have on Earth
And look forward to the day when I will see you again.

Love always,
Asjhley R.

A poem for Lilli Pierce:

I saw Lilli with my friend Mark one noon,
and knew that we would be close friends soon.
We saw each other around the hall,
and when we hung out we had a ball.
We talked with each other, she called me a friend,
and to her now my love I'll send.
We walked, we talked, we had our fun,
but because she was moving it was all done.
I remember her voice inside my head:
"Robby I'll miss you!" is what she said.
I said, "Don't worry, when you come back we'll all be here,"
as I left that day without a fear.
Summer went by way too fast,
and half the year almost passed,
when I heard from my friend Jeremy, "Lilli's died?"
as panic hit me I went and cried.
I sat and poured tears from my eyes,
and wish that this sad news was a bunch of lies.
But it hit me hard, the bad word,
and her soft voice was all I heard.
Saying she'd miss me as I walked away,
but I haven't seen her since that day.
I miss you Lilli, I think you know,
your presence in our minds and hearts shall grow.
We'll never forget you, I never will,
a part of our hearts you now fill.
Her voice still echoes inside my ears,
the voice of my friend, Lilli Pierce.

Lilli, we'll miss you

With all my love,
Robby F.


The trampoline's effect on Lilli...
"Unfettered at last!"

To David & Judy,

A little more than a decade ago God blessed you with a lovely child

Over the years this child saw the world as no other had

As she was blessed with Christopher Columbus type parents

She inherited her father's love for reading,
Her mother's beautiful smile,
And from the two became a budding thespian.

From the heavens high above
God watched this girl blossom into a fine young woman --
So fine that he wanted this bud, Lilli, back in heaven

Mortals cannot fathom why God would take back such a gift.
To put parents through life-long grief

But God has a plan we wish we only knew
What we do know is that this dear child, Lilli,
Is now safe in God's hands

-- With much love, Shauna, 11/14/99

Near Gunnison, CO:
Beautifying the hood of Matt's funky old beater.
(Dad David & Uncle Matt inside)

Fine friends Lilli and Mark R.

Melissa, Lilli, and Heather:
Three Fine Friends


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