Denver-Area Friends

Jaime, Fall '99

Jaime writes:

Lilli, really the only thing that I can say is that I'll miss you so much.... Never in my life have I met (and I don't think I ever will again) anyone who shares the extreme love for so many of the things I do, such as fire, and Pepsi. Lay's Sour Cream & Onion Chips, and of course we can't forget BUTTER!! (Yeah baby!) I'll never forget the time we were sticking our noses in that stick of butter, or the time we went down to the dock with like 10 candles and all those matches, and started that little "bonfire," oh yeah! (The melted wax is till there!) If I had never met you there would have been so many things I missed out on. For starters, the Gum Game wouldn't have been played at Park Meadows Mall that day, there are so many things, last but not least our grand plan of high jacking a Jeep, driving down to Mexico, stealing a mother lode of illegal fireworks, sneaking back into the States, robbing the US Mints, blowing up the White House, kidnapping the Spice Girls so we could slowly torture them, blowing up Puff Daddy, Backstreet Boys, and the whole State of Montana! HA-HA, the poor suckers would never have known what hit them. So just remember that 420 is the very best number ever, soup causes leprosy, that 'the Russians are coming!!!' Please, please, please watch out for pale, scrawny, hairy white men who eat clams (ha ha ha), as always. Chalk it on baby! And never forget to wear your 'pink Gummy Bear crap.'



Julia writes:

Back in October of '99 Lilli sent me one of those e-mail survey things.... Anyway, one of the Qs was 'What is the most important thing you've done so far'? So I just thought it would be cool to put on the site. Lilli's own answer was:

'Don't listen to what other people say about you, and don't change yourself for other people, 'cause do you really give a damn what other people think? If you do care you've got a problem! If you care what others think about you it shows you are weak, that you can't think for yourself, and that you shouldn't be allowed out in the real world because you'll just contribute to the problems instead of trying to make the world a better place.'

Los Tres Compadres -- Julia, Dallas, Jaime
Park Meadows Mall, April 2000

New Pictures of Jaime!

With guitar, 2002



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